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Applications, Licences, Requests & Permits

The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula is responsible for issuing a wide variety of licences and permits. Whether you are starting a new building project or applying for a dog licence, our staff are happy to help.

The following table provides a centralized directory for all permits, applications and licences. If you are not able to find what you're looking for, please contact us for assistance. 




Accessible Regulations for Contracted Services Clerk Document
Application for Reduction of Taxes Treasury  Application
Building Permit Building Cloudpermit
By-law Complaints By-law Enforcement Form
Change of Name or Address Treasury Form
Charities Rebate  Treasury Document
Commemorative Bench & Tree Application Parks and Recreation Form
Customer Service Feedback Clerk Form
Deferral of Taxes for Low Income Seniors and Low Income Disabled Residents  Treasury Document
Deeming of Lands Building Application
Dog Licensing Application By-law Enforcement Application
Draining Into, Piping and/or Filling of a Roadside Ditch Public Works Application
E-mail Authorization Treasury Form
Encroachment Permit Clerk Application
Energy Efficiency Design Summary: Performance Building Document
Energy Efficiency Design Summary: Prescriptive Building Document
Entrance and Civic Address Permit Public Works Application
Facility Rental Parks and Recreation Application
Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Request Clerk Document
Lion's Head Beach Park Campground Booking Parks and Recreation MOLO
Lion's Head Beach Park Campground Waiting List Parks and Recreation Application
Lion's Head Harbour Lease for Berthing Parks and Recreation Form
Lion's Head Harbour Waiting List Parks and Recreation Application
Marriage Licence  Clerk Application
Moving Permit Public Works Application
Municipal Accommodation Tax Return Treasury Form
Municipal Drains Public Works/Clerk OMAFRA
Municipal Funding  Treasury Application
No Demand for Services Building Application
Open Air Burning Permits Fire & Emergency Services BurnPermits
Owner Authorization  Building Document
Parking Passes By-law Enforcement Details
Pre-Authorized Payment  Treasury Application
Rebate of Property Taxes for Vacancies in Commercial and Industrial Buildings Treasury Application
Request for Fence-Viewers Clerk Form
Schedule 1: Designer Information Building Document
Second Dwelling on a Lot Building Application
Septic Permit Building Document
Sewer Service Connection Permit Public Works Application
Short-Term Accommodation Licence Clerk Cloudpermit
Short-Term Accommodation Owner Authorization Clerk  Form
Site Plan Control Clerk Document
Temporary Road Closure Public Works Application
Tent and Trailer  Building Application
Tobermory Harbour Lease for Berthing Parks and Recreation Form
Underground Road Crossing Installation Public Works Application
Utilization of Unopened Road Allowance Public Works Application
Waste Disposal Site Credit Account Public Works/Treasury Application
Water Service Connection Permit Public Works  Application

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