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Municipal Drains

What is a Municipal Drain?

A municipal drain is constructed to improve the drainage of lands. It is used primarily in rural areas to discharge excess water from the private agricultural tile drainage systems, roadside ditches, residential lots, industrial and commercial lands and other properties. 

Municipal drains are a vital component of the local infrastructure. Without them, many areas of the province would be subjected to regular flooding, reduced production from agricultural land and increased public health risks. 

The Drainage Act provides for the construction and management of many of the communal drainage systems in Ontario. 

Construct a new drain

Landowners requesting that a new drain be established need to complete and submit a Petition for Drainage Works by Owners to the Municipal Office. This will set in motion a project to create a new municipal drain. This falls under Section 4 of the Drainage Act. 


Basic maintenance and repair work falls under Section 74 of the Drainage Act. This generally includes work such as clean outs, removal of beavers/dams, repairing/replacing tile and repairing the existing drain in a way that does not alter the drain's original construction. Please contact the Public Works Department for further information. 

Repair and improvement

If an existing drain requires significant repair and as a result the repair includes changing the original drain's infrastructure in such a way that it is different from the original engineered plans, a Petition for Drainage under Section 78 of the Drainage Act must be filed with the Municipal Clerk. Examples include widening, lengthening, deepening a drain, etc. 

For all other drain improvement requests, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs Drainage Act Forms website


For more information on Municipal Drains:

Troy Cameron, Public Works Manager
1-833-793-3537 ext. 232
Email Public Works

Stephen J. Cobean, P.Eng., FEC
Drainage Superintendent
Cobide Engineering Inc.
(519) 506-5959 ext. 102 

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