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Report a Problem & Your Feedback

The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula is committed to providing a safe and clean community for everyone to enjoy. Residents are encouraged to express their complaints by completing and submitting a report form.  

Should this issue be an emergency, please call 9-1-1.

We handle complaints in a confidential manner unless, of course, disclosure becomes necessary, then the informant may be required as a witness in court and all complaints are handled in accordance with the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (MFIPPA). Further, If your concern cannot be resolved at the Municipal level, you may contact the Ontario Ombudsman (which is an independent body appointed to collect and investigate complaints regarding government and agency services).

Problems To Report

Online Form


By-law Infraction (including animal control)

Municipal by-laws, including but not limited to property standards, noise and camping, are enforced by the Municipal By-law Enforcement Officer.

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General Complaints

The Municipality encourages residents to express concerns in writing.

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Missed Collection 

Before calling or submitting an online report about a missing curbside waste or recycling collection, view our waste management page.

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Noxious or Poisonous Plants and Weeds

To report a noxious or poisonous plant or weed, please fill out the online form or contact the Public Works Department at (519) 793-3522, X239 for further information. 

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Road Issue

For an emergency road issue, please contact the Public Works Department at (519) 793-3522, X239. For all other road issues, please complete the online form.

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Streetlight Repair

To report a street light issue, please fill out the online form. 

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Water and Sewer

If you require immediate assistance with a Municipal sewer and/or water emergency outside of regular business hours, please call (519) 372-3034. For all other Municipal water or sewer issues, please contact the Public Works Department at (519) 793-3522, X239.

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Winter Maintenance Issue

Should a winter maintenance issue arise that affects you, please complete the online form or contact the Public Works Department at (519) 793-3522, X239.

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