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Agricultural Services

Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program

Livestock Claims

Livestock owners that experience damages (injury or death) to their livestock from wildlife may be eligible for compensation for the value of the livestock under the Ontario Wildlife Damage Compensation Program.  

When a livestock owner experiences damages to their livestock, and wants to claim compensation for the damages, they must contact the Municipality at 1-833-793-3537 within 48 hours of discovering the injury or death.   

Please see the Ontario Wildlife Damage and Compensation Program Provincial Guidelines 

Line Fences Act

When there is dispute over a line fence, the clerk of the local municipality in which the lands are located is responsible for administering the arbitration procedure. The Line Fences Act is a provincial statute which governs the procedure used in such a dispute.

Each local municipal council is required to appoint a sufficient number of fence-viewers to carry out the provisions of the Act. It is beneficial to both owners if they can come to an agreement between themselves due to the extra cost involved for a fence-viewing.

Please contact the Clerk's Department if you have a question regarding the Line Fences Act or are in a dispute over a line fence in the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula. If you wish to begin the fence viewing process, please complete Form 1 – Request for Fence-Viewers

Tile Drainage

Installing tile drainage is a very common land improvement practice among farmers in Ontario. Corrugated plastic tubing, clay and concrete drain tile are installed beneath the surface of agricultural land to drain excess water from the crop root zone. 

Is your farm tiled?

The Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs oversees the Agricultural Information Atlas where you can view the random and systematic tile that exists within a property. 

For further information on the Agricultural Information Atlas, please contact contact OMAFRA at 1-877-424-1300. 

Tile Drainage Loans

Landowners in the Municipality that are planning to install a tile drainage system on their agricultural land are eligible for a tile loan, as authorized by the Tile Drainage Act. All tile loans have a 10-year term and repayments are made annually; however, loans can be repaid in full at any time. 

Landowners are eligible for a loan of up to 75% of the value of the tile drainage work, up to $50,000. The Provincial Government sets the program interest rate. This rate is fixed for the full term of the loan, regardless of changes in market interest rates. 

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