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Additional Information

Road Reconstruction Project

Isthmus Bay Road Reconstruction Project: Phase 2

The bridge has been paved and will be open for traffic after 6:00 pm November 2, 2023.

View the document attached below to learn more about Phase 2 of the Isthmus Bay Road Reconstruction Project and the associated impacts to road access, garbage and recycling collection, and water and electrical.


Bridges and Culverts

The Public Works Department is responsible for 19 bridge structures and large diameter culverts.

The Municipality is required by the Province of Ontario to assess each structure's condition and current and future needs on a bi-annual basis.


Reduced Load Season

During the spring thaw, some municipal roads may become too soft and unstable to withstand the weight of a fully loaded truck, regardless of the axles. In an effort to reduce damage to roads during the spring thaw, the Municipality restricts vehicles to half loads (5 tonnes per axle) on all municipal roads until April 30 of each year or as otherwise determined at the Public Works Manager's discretion. 

Traffic Control

Speed Limits

The setting of speed limits on streets and highways is a technical science backed by many years of research and experience on what works and doesn't work for the safety and benefit of drivers. 

Under the Highway Traffic Act, the speed limit within a city, town, or built-up area is 50 km/h, unless otherwise posted by the municipality. From time to time, Council will review the Speed Limit By-law to set rates of speed for its roadways. 

All speeding and traffic complaints should be reported to the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP)

Data Collection

Traffic Counts

The Public Works Department accumulates and interprets traffic count data to identify vehicular speed and traffic volumes for municipal roads throughout Northern Bruce Peninsula. 

Traffic counts are conducted annually from spring to fall throughout various locations in the Municipality. 

This data is used for road improvement projects, traffic impact studies for proposed developments, and level-of-service ratings for road maintenance. 

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