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Does your work require a permit?

Permit Information

Entrance and Civic Address Permit

An entrance permit is required when constructing a new or altering an existing entrance that accesses a municipal road. 

Properties fronting on a County of Bruce roadway or Highway 6 require approval from Bruce County or the Ministry of Transportation

Unopened Road Allowance

Requests to utilize unopened road allowances will be considered on a case by case basis.

While the public has the right to use unopened road allowances for travel and transportation in their natural state, any improvements to them must be approved by Council. 

Moving Permit

The Municipality regulates the use of large/heavy load trucks travelling on municipal roadways for use at construction sites. 

Approvals are required prior to any truck, object, or heavy load travelling or occupying a municipal right-of-way. 

Roadside Ditch Application

When a ditch is filled, altered or replaced with a pipe, the stormwater management benefits are compromised. Culvert inlets become susceptible to blockage by branches, foliage, debris, and sedimentation, which further decrease their effectiveness. Therefore, permission is required to drain into, pipe and/or fill a municipal roadside ditch. 

Temporary Road Closure

The Temporary Road Closure gives you permission to have a road and/or sidewalk closed to vehicular traffic as long as local access for residents and emergency vehicles is maintained while you hold your event or project. 

Underground Road Crossing

An Underground Road Crossing Permit is required when an individual, company or contractor needs to occupy a municipal roadway for the purpose of a utility crossing. Any work on municipal roads must be performed in a manner that will not close the roads to traffic.

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