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By-laws of interest to the public and frequently requested, are found on this page. This is not a comprehensive directory of all by-laws. To view a complete list of all our municipal by-laws, visit our iCompass Document Centre

To request an electronic copy or for official copies and verification, please email us.

Frequently Requested By-laws


By-law Number


ATV/ORV (regulate and control the movement and time of movement of off-road vehicles on any highways or road allowance) By-law 2021-09 2021
Cemetery (regulate the operation of cemeteries) By-law 2022-11 2022
Dogs (licence and regulate the care and control of dogs) By-law 2019-08 2019
Fees and Charges (set fees and charges) By-law 2024-01 2024
Fireworks (regulate the sale, possession, use, setting off, ignition, and/or discharge of fireworks) By-law 2022-21 2022
Municipal Accommodation Tax (impose a transient municipal accommodation tax) By-law 2021-83 2021
Noise (regulate or prohibit noise) By-law 2018-37 2018
Paid Parking and Traffic (regulate paid parking and control traffic and more particularly the parking, stopping or standing of vehicles and the use of municipal parking lots) By-law 2023-10 2023
Public Nuisance (prohibit and regulate public nuisance) By-law 2020-108 2020

Short-Term Accommodations (manage short term accommodations)

Short-term Accommodations (Amendment)

By-law 2021-84

By-law 2023-49



Tax Rates (adopt the estimates of all sums required during the year and set the 2023 tax rates) By-law 2023-27 2023
Tent and Trailer (prohibit and/or regulate camping, tents, recreational trailers or vehicles) By-law 2018-66 2018
Waste and Recycling (regulate the collection, removal, recycling and disposal of waste) By-law 2021-22 2021
Zoning (regulate the use of lands and the character, location and use of buildings and structures) By-law 2002-54 2019

Please note: All original municipal by-laws and their associated amendments are stored in the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula's Clerk’s Department. While the Municipality makes every effort to publish current by-law details on this website, the online documents are provided for the purpose of information only and may not reflect all related amendments.

If you are experiencing difficulty finding a specific by-law or accessing the most accurate version, please contact the Clerk’s Department.

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