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Short-Term Accommodations

The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula's short-term accommodation (STA) licensing program provides a system of regulations for short-term accommodations with an aim to:

  • Protect the character, amenities, and quality of the community;
  • Create accountability for and to ratepayers, short-term accommodators, and visitors; 
  • Ensure occupants are provided with safe accommodations in terms of fire and building safety;
  • Ensure STA owners and operators are made aware of their responsibilities to comply with municipal by-laws and other regulations;
  • Ensure STA premises are operated and maintained in sanitary and acceptable levels of interior conditions as per Property Standards; 
  • Create a level playing field for all STA operators and provide enhanced consumer protection; and
  • Permit responsible short-term accommodation across the Municipality. 

The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula requires all operators of STA rentals to obtain a short-term accommodation licence; monthly rentals (those of 30 or more consecutive days) do not require a licence.

Operators of short-term rental properties must obtain a short-term accommodation licence; STAs operating without a licence will risk incurring a penalty of $900 plus additional fines.

How to Register a Short-Term Accommodation (STA) Property

Occupancy Limits

In accordance with Ontario Building Code Provision, the occupancy limit for a Short-term Accommodation within the Municipality of Northern Brue Peninsula shall be based on a maximum of two (2) people per approved bedroom. 

Properties possessing a valid Class A/B Short-term Accommodation Licence are permitted a maximum of two (2) children ages twelve (12) and under in addition to their assigned occupancy limit, if sufficient beds are provided. The utilization of a couch, pull-out couch or futon as a bed within a licensed Short-term Accommodation is not permitted.

To determine occupancy limit of your property, please email the Committee and Licensing Coordinator. 


If you wish to report a Short Term Accommodation property, please call the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula's 24/7 Nuisance Hotline. 


Once a complaint is submitted, the hotline will contact the Municipality's By-law Department and a By-law Officer will be dispatched to the noted Short-term Accommodation to investigate.

Anonymous complaints will not be processed. All complaints require a name, phone number, and/or email address, and a detailed description of the complaint in order for staff to properly respond and follow up to your inquiry. Under the Freedom of Information Act, complainant information is confidential.

Licensing Dashboard

This licensing dashboard displays existing STA licenses in the Municipality. Please note that this information is constantly being updated and may not accurately reflect recent submissions. The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula provides this product for personal use and for reference purposes only and should not be used for any other purpose

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This privacy notification relates to personal information collected on the Short Term Accommodation Licence application and Owner Authorization form.

Personal information on this form is being collected for the purpose of determining the owner's eligibility for a Short Term Accommodation Licence in the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula pursuant to its Bylaw(s). In providing this information, you have consented to its use for the above-described purpose and declare that all the information provided herein is correct. This information may be shared with applicable Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula departments and related agencies for the purpose of required inspections, approval of, and compliance with this licence application. The legislated authority to collect your personal information is the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. If you wish to obtain further information regarding the collection of your personal information, please contact the Clerk's Department at

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