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Contribute & Participate

Whether you're considering donating a cherished artifact, loaning an item for an upcoming exhibit, or looking to conduct research in our archives room, you'll find all the relevant forms here. Our streamlined digital process makes it easy for you to contribute and participate in our museum's mission.

What to expect when inquiring about gifting or loaning an artifact!

  1. Initial Contact:
    • Individuals interested in gifting/lending items to St. Edmunds Bruce Peninsula Museum are requested to first fill out the appropriate digital forms found below.
  1. Inquiry Form Requirements:
    • Photographs of the Item: Clear, high-quality images from multiple angles.
    • Description of the Item: Detailed information about the item's history, condition, and relevance to the museum's collection.
    • Dimensions and Care Requirements: Any necessary details about the item's size, special handling, or care.
    • Donor/Lender Information: Contact details of the donor for follow-up questions.
  1. Review Process:
    • Submissions will be reviewed by the museum staff to assess their suitability for the museum’s collection. This assessment will consider the item's condition, relevance, and the current collection needs.
    • The review process may take up to three weeks, during which time staff may contact the donor/lender for further information.
  1. Decision and Physical Inspection:
    • If an item is considered potentially suitable, the donor/lender will be invited to bring the item to the museum for a physical inspection.
    • A final decision will be made post-inspection.
  1. Acceptance or Rejection:
    • If accepted, the donor will complete the final appropriate digital agreement form and the item will be formally acquired.
    • If the item is not suitable, donors/lenders will be informed politely and provided with reasons for non-acceptance.
  1. Item Delivery:
    • Accepted items should be delivered to the museum by the donor at a mutually agreed time.

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