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Our Story

St. Edmunds Bruce Peninsula Museum, housed in a historic schoolhouse, stands as a testament to the community's dedication to preserving and sharing its rich heritage. Built in 1898, the schoolhouse initially served as a one-room educational center for the children of Tobermory. After serving the community for over six decades, the school was transformed into a museum in 1967.

On our grounds, visitors can explore the Belrose Cabin, named after Jacob Belrose, who settled in Tobermory in the late 18th century. A skilled carpenter and fisherman, Jacob, along with his family, represents the resilient spirit of early Canadian settlers. The cabin, built by Jacob himself in 1875, has been preserved to offer an authentic glimpse into the life and times of the Belrose family, showcasing their contributions to the area's development.

In 2022, we further enriched our historical landscape by acquiring the Davis Cabin. This recent addition is currently being prepared for public access, and soon, visitors will be able to step inside and discover another piece of Tobermory's storied past. The Davis Cabin, once a hub for local gatherings and celebrations, will continue its legacy by hosting a variety of community-focused events and educational programs.

Our Museum also highlights Tobermory's rich maritime history. On display, we have the impressive rudder and propeller from the shipwreck of the City of Grand Rapids. Standing at approximately 12 feet tall, this exhibit offers an up-close look at deep-water maritime artifacts that scuba divers are lucky enough to see in their underwater explorations.
Additionally, visitors can marvel at the towering steel Main Channel Buoy, decommissioned due to advances in aids to marine navigation. This buoy marked the main channel off Cove Island and was moved to land each winter before the ice came, then replaced at the beginning of the shipping season. Long a beacon for local shipping and boaters, it remains a cherished piece of Tobermory's nautical heritage.

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