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Don't Litter

As more visitors come to the area, we face some big challenges from increased garbage and increased traffic. We need your help to keep the Peninsula clean and green so visitors and locals can enjoy it for years to come. Please:

  • Think about carrying reusable packaging when you head out on a hike, paddle, or picnic.
  • Take your garbage with you if you can’t bring reusable containers.
  • Pick up garbage along the trail if you see it! With everyone’s help, we can help keep the Bruce clean and green.
  • Keep the wildlife wild. Although it might seem fun to feed the wildlife, it’s best to just enjoy watching them from afar.

While staying locally, curbside garbage and recycling is collected on Mondays, please place your materials at the curbside prior to 8:00 am to ensure your pick up isn't missed. Additional information about waste collection and landfill hours can be found on the Waste Management Page. 

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