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Tread Lightly

Tread lightly and stick to marked trails

Heading out and hitting the trails on a blue bird sky day is what makes amazing memories for many people who come to the Bruce. But a day on the trails is so much more than just a simple walk in the woods. There are a few MUSTS! Before you head out on the trails, be sure to:

  1. Download the What3 Words App. This app has divided the entire world up into 3 metre  squares with an assigned combination of 3 words that are easy to say, easy to share and are just as accurate as a GPS coordinate. In the event you ever need a rescue, this app will save the rescue team invaluable time to get to your location.
  2. Tell someone where you’re going. This is a best practice when doing anything in the woods or water. Make sure you tell them where you’re going, the route you hope to take and what time you’re planning on being back.
  3. Leave lots of daylight. Hiking during the day is one thing, but trying to navigate the tricky terrain on the Peninsula is a much greater challenge in the dark. Check the sunset times before you leave and be sure you give yourself a buffer to get back.
  4. Bring the essentials and be prepared. Walking in the woods might not seem strenuous, but it can be! The heat, climbs and descents can make you thirsty, and can burn up energy. Bring a reusable container filled with lots of water, and some snacks to give your body calories. If you absolutely must use a disposable plastic water container, make sure you bring the empty container, and any food wrappings or garbage, back out with you. “Pack it in, pack it out!” There aren’t any water-filling stations on the trails, so pack water portions appropriately.
  5. Stick on the trail and know how to read the blazes. The Peninsula is a sacred place. The marked trails can sometimes pass through private property or ecologically sensitive zones, so sticking to the trails is very important. Doing so can help ensure the trail will be here many years from now. Make sure you use designated parking areas and trail access / entry points as well.

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