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Activities & Attractions

Northern Bruce Peninsula offers lots to see and do! We have grown to become an established tourism destination, home to a talented and unique arts community all the while offering recreation and relaxation to suit most everyone's needs.

Cabot Head Road, Miller Lake

Bruce Peninsula Bird Observatory

The Cabot Head area was declared an international “Important Bird Area” (IBA) in 2002.  The designation was a recognition of the globally significant portion of the Red-necked Grebe population that use the area spring and fall as a staging/resting area during their migration.  Only a few locations on the Great Lakes serve this function, as the grebes move back and forth between their Atlantic coast wintering grounds and their breeding ground in the north central and north western parts of the continent.

Photograph of a bird

Chi Sin Tib Dek Road, Tobermory

Bruce Peninsula National Park

In the traditional territory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, this scenic park features towering cliffs of the Niagara Escarpment plunging into the blue waters of Georgian Bay. World famous hiking in a rugged landscape, home to orchids, ferns and black bears. The Park is home to the Grotto and Halfway Log Dump.

Throughout the Peninsula

Bruce Trail

The Bruce Trail is more than just a footpath; It plays a crucial role in protecting and preserving one of Canada’s irreplaceable natural wonders – the Niagara Escarpment. By providing an opportunity to explore the Escarpment, the Bruce Trail has introduced thousands of people to its diverse landscapes, its unique geology, and its biological treasures. And as one of Ontario’s largest land trusts, the Bruce Trail Conservancy protects and cares for Escarpment ecosystems with the support of members, volunteers and donors.

Bruce Trail Marker

Chi Sin Tib Dek Road, Tobermory

Fathom Five National Marine Park

In the traditional territory of the Saugeen Ojibway Nation, this park has sparkling blue water, rugged shoreline scenery and the famous Flowerpot Island rock formations. World renowned scuba diving on 24 shipwrecks, in the heart of the Great Lakes. Camp in Flowerpot Island’s serene backcountry for a peaceful escape to nature or relax in Parks Canada's Red Chairs to take in iconic views.

Throughout the Peninsula

Lindsay Tract

The Lindsay Tract is the largest of the County Forests consisting of more than 8000 acres, with 20 kilometers of multi-use trails. This diverse property has amazing trail potential but also contains sensitive habitat for the Black Bear and Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake. Development began back in May of 2008 and we will continue to build new trail experiences in the years to come.

Bikers on the Lindsay Tract

Lion's Head

Lion's Head

Photograph of Lion's Head Beach

Lions Head is a little town perfect for people looking to forget about the rest of the world. You may choose to explore Lion's Head's crystal clear waterways, amazing hiking, safe shallow beaches and natural attractions. Or, like many, you might decide just to sit and enjoy the quiet moments that pass you by.

Moore Street, Lion's Head

Lion's Head Nature Reserve

This park is part of the Niagara Escarpment Parks System, and the Niagara Escarpment Biosphere Reserve. The Bruce Trail passes through here. There are no visitor facilities. The purpose of this 526-hectare nature reserve is to protect the rock formation and the plants unique to the area. The area is best suited for hiking and nature appreciation.

Photograph of views from Lion's Head Nature Reserve

90 Main Street, Lion's Head

Lion's Head Library

Lion's Head Library

The Lion’s Head branch can be found on the Main Street running through the town. The library is connected to Lion’s Head Station 20 Fire hall and is in walking distance from the local school and daycare, allowing for easy access to programming for the kids. The Library is operated by Bruce County.

2866 Highway 6, Lion's Head, N0H 1W0

Red Schoolhouse Gallery

The Bruce Peninsula Society of Artists (BPSA) was formed in 1997 by a small group of local artists. In 2016, they became a not-for-profit incorporation. The Art Gallery and Gift Shop features the works of more than 15 BPSA artists. All work is original, including watercolours, oils, acrylics, encaustic, stained and fused glass, pottery, photography, jewelry and other one of a kind pieces. We also have photography books, art cards and other gifts.

Red Schoolhouse Gallery

7072 Highway 6, Tobermory

St. Edmund's Museum

Photo of the exterior of St. Edmund's Museum

The Museum is the former St. Edmunds Settlement School, and was opened in May 1967. The building, which dates back to 1898, houses land deeds and registers, together with many photographs following the history of the people in this area. The ground floor also has displays showing lumbering, which together with fishing and hunting, were the main occupations. A newly completed fishing diorama is now on display.


The upper floor is dedicated to marine history - displaying maps, descriptions of old boats and relics from shipwrecks. The display provides an insight into the way of life in this area at that time, with many examples of tools and how they were used.

Log Cabin

On the grounds is a log house, built in 1875 and moved to the present location in 1971. It is furnished as the house would have been in the 19th century including pots, pans, china and linen. The log cabin has been renovated and is now open to the public.

20 Centennial Drive, Tobermory

The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place is a ‘Community Hub’, located in the village of Tobermory at the northern tip of the Bruce Peninsula. It's fulfilling its vision as an accessible space for community use and meeting diverse needs. The ‘hub’ model brings together people; doing things like building a community park, leading children and youth programs, hosting music and arts events and sharing a meal at community kitchens.The Meeting Place offers youth programming, room rentals, foodbank services and an outdoor skate park.

The Meeting Place

7420 Highway 6, Tobermory

Tobermory Chamber of Commerce

Tobermory Chamber of Commerce Logo

The Chamber of Commerce operates the Tobermory Tourist Information Centre, The Harbour Information Kiosk and the Ferndale Information Centre.  We also collaborate with other associations, tourism offices and Chambers of Commerce to promote the Northern Bruce Peninsula.

22 Bay Street, Tobermory

Tobermory Library

In 1929, Henry E. Bodman and Harlow N. Davock, both of Detroit, chose this site and built a log cabin. They presented the cabin to Tobermory as the public library. The cabin measured 24 x 36 feet and was built from rocks and logs. The ceiling was made from British Columbia Fir, two inches thick, tongued and grooved and supported by old fashioned cross beams. The cabin was furnished and a large fireplace of rugged stone was built at one end. The building became a free public library with Mr. Weir Grieve as its first librarian. The Tobermory Library is operated by Bruce County.

Tobermory Library

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