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Be Respectful

Visit like it’s your home – respect the local community and other visitors

Our neighbours are our friends here on the Peninsula. There are long-standing communities, from the waterfront to the fields, and we value our neighbours and how they enjoy their land. When you visit, we ask that you remember a few things:

  • Book with a local guide. Booking a hiking, paddling, or cycling trip with a local guide can give you opportunities you may have otherwise missed or not been aware of. You can learn about cool plants, wildlife, and natural features on the Peninsula that can be hard to discover on your own. Local guides also often have access to places the general public doesn’t. Check out some local guides.
  • There are people who live in this beautiful area all year round, so don’t party too late! 
  • Be sure to ask about local events like fish fries, church dinners, and other events.
  • Don’t just do it for the ‘gram – Come here to disconnect and reconnect. This place is stunning #nofilter.
  • Campfires are fun…in designated areas! Know about proper campfire use and required permits.
  • All fireworks displays (Family Fireworks or Display Fireworks) require a permit prior to the fireworks show. 
  • Pick up after your pet and yourself…or better yet, use washrooms, not nature. 

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