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Fire Services

  • Municipal and Provincial Fire Ban Lifted

    The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula is pleased to announce the lifting of the Provincial and Municipal Fire Ban following recent improvements in weather and fire conditions. Effective July 11, 2023 at 4:00pm, residents and visitors are now permitted to have permitted fires within designated areas.

    The decision to remove the fire ban has been made after careful consideration of current environmental conditions, including weather patterns, precipitation levels, and consultation with local fire authorities. With these favorable conditions, the risk of wildfires has significantly diminished, allowing for the safe resumption of burning activities with an approved permit.

    Northern Bruce Peninsula Fire and Emergency Services continues to urged citizens to take the following precautions when using fire:

    • Obtain necessary permits: All controlled fires within the Municipality do require a fire permit including agricultural burns, campfires, fireworks, and open-air burning. A fire permit can be obtained via
    • Always supervise fires: Never leave a fire unattended. Stay with it until it is completely extinguished.
    • Choose fire-safe areas: Ensure the fire is ignited in designated fire pits or areas specifically allocated for controlled burning. Avoid starting fires in dry or windy conditions.
    • Prepare water and fire extinguishing equipment: Have ample water or fire extinguishing tools nearby to quickly suppress any unwanted flames.
    • Report emergencies promptly: If a fire gets out of control or poses a threat, immediately contact 911.

    Northern Bruce Peninsula Fire and Emergency Services will continue to closely monitor the fire conditions and may reintroduce fire restrictions if conditions deteriorate. Residents and visitors are encouraged to stay updated through local news outlets, official government websites, and social media channels for any future announcements.

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