The Bruce County Public Works Association is offering a scholarship valued at $1,000!

Bruce County Public Works Association

The Bruce County Public Works Association is offering a scholarship, valued at $1,000, to be presented to an outstanding student in Bruce County enrolled in a program related to public works.  This student must have completed one or more years of post-secondary education in the respective program. Selection is based on a combination of strong academic achievement, a demonstrated interest in public works at a municipal or county level, and leadership potential as evidenced through extracurricular or volunteer activities. Interested students from Bruce County who have completed at least one year are invited to apply.

The completed application listed below, along with the other reward requirements must be submitted to the e-mail address of  no later than July 31, 2021.  The successful candidate will receive confirmation of the scholarship award by September 30, 2021.  Any questions or inquiries can be directed to the e-mail address listed above.

For more information, including the Application Form, please view the attached file.