North Shore Road- Municipal Class Environmental Assessment- Notice of Completion

GM BluePlan Engineering Limited (GMBP) has been retained by the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula to
update a Municipal Class Environmental Assessment (EA) planning process that was completed in 2014 to address
the location and condition of North Shore Road, in Barrow Bay. At that time, the accepted Preferred Solution involved
the relocation of a section of North Shore Road off of private lands to within the registered right-of-way, improvements
to the McKague Road intersection, conversion of the existing road section to a dead-end private drive, and the
modification of some driveways to meet the new road. A Notice of Completion was issued on September 18, 2014.
Since that time, residents directly affected by the shared private driveway have worked with the Municipality to resolve
a collectively preferred variation to the previous Preferred Solution, which includes individual driveway entrances
provided from the new road location, rather than from a shared private drive (refer to Conceptual Drawing). With
landowner support, the EA is being updated, as detailed in the Project File Update report that was completed to
document the revisions to various elements that were included in the previously accepted road design. The Project
File Update is available below.

In addition, due to the time elapsed since the completion of the EA process of greater than 7 years, it is thought that
the previously completed EA process may become ‘stale dated’ by the time this road project is implemented.
Consequently, this Notice and the supporting information also provides an update to the EA process. This update to
the previously completed EA includes public, agency and Indigenous community consultation.
This Notice initiates the minimum 30 calendar day comment period. Interested persons may provide written comment
to our project team by March 11th, 2022.

All comments should be sent directly to Troy Cameron at the Municipality.

Troy Cameron, Public Works Manager 
Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula 
56 Lindsay Road 5 
Lion’s Head, ON N0H 1W0 
Tel: (519) 793-3522 Ext.232

John Slocombe, P.Eng., Consultant Project Manager
GM BluePlan Engineering Limited
1260 - 2nd Avenue East, Unit 1
Owen Sound, ON N4K 2J3
Tel: (519) 376-1805 

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