2022 Municipal Elections- January 18, 2022 Notice

The upcoming municipal election will be held on Monday, October 24​, 2022. Elections for municipal government are held every four years on the fourth Monday of October.  

Term of Office

The Term of Office is from November 15, 2022 to November 14, 2026. Nomination Forms and Candidate Guides will be available at the Municipal Office beginning on Monday, May 2, 2022. The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula Council consists of the Mayor, Deputy Mayor and three Councillors.

Method of Voting

Council approved internet and telephone voting systems for use in the 2022 Municipal Election.

No person who proposes to be a candidate may solicit or accept contributions for election purposes or incur campaign expenses until a nomination paper has been filed.

Further information will be available on the municipal website and the local newspaper in the coming weeks.