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The Public Works Department plans and directs the construction and maintenance of Municipal roads, bridges, culverts, street lights, civic address numbers, sewer and water systems, waste management, recycling, Municipal drains and other Municipal infrastructure. 

The Municipality embraces approximately 470 kilometres of road and 4,905 metres of sidewalks. 

Please see here for an up-to-date list of roads graded as part of the Public Works Department's maintenance program. 

The current Road Management Study, 2014 - 2018, is available for viewing here (Part 1) and here (Part 2). The purpose of the Road Management Study is to clearly identify the Municipality's road system; create an inventory of the road system by road section taking into account its use, condition, geometric elements and surface type; identify those road sections in need of improvement, the type of improvement and the cost; establish the bridge needs from the Municipality's bridge appraisal sheets; prepare an inventory of existing equipment and housing and forecast a replacement schedule; and prepare a five (5) year maintenance and construction program within existing levels of expenditures. Furthermore, the Study can be used as a reference document for any financial planning of the Municipality's future infrastructure needs. 


The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula defines its winter maintenance period as being October 15 to April 15 of each year. Winter maintenance activities are carried out in accordance with Ontario Regulation 239/02 Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways and as per the Municipality's Winter Control Handbook, as approved by Council and amended from time to time. 

There is no practical way for the Municipality to provide winter maintenance on roadways without depositing snow in driveways. Staff appreciates that this can be an inconvenience; however, the Municipality's main concern is to keep the roadways clear. 

REMINDER: It is a contravention of the Highway Traffic Act to deposit snow or ice on a roadway without permission in writing from the Ministry of Transportation or the road authority responsible for the maintenance of the road. 


The Municipality's policy on mailbox location, post size and replacement is defined within By-Law 2014-28. Please refer to this By-Law for parameters on replacement.

REMINDER: As per the above By-Law, it is residents' responsibility to ensure that their mailbox is visible to all maintenance vehicles and includes, but is not limited to, proper snow removal and brushing operations. 

Protect your mailbox! If you don't use your mailbox during the winter, remove it - post included! Most times when seasonal mailboxes are damaged it is due accumulated plowed snow in front of it, causing increasing weight and pressure against it over the course of the winter. 


The Public Works Department is responsible for assigning civic address numbers to properties within the Municipality. This includes the placement of posts and signs (where applicable) and providing notification of the change of address to the County of Bruce, Goderich Regional Assessment Office (MPAC), Canada Post, Union Gas and Eastlink/Amtelecom Communications. 

The numbering system is based on distance in the rural setting and lot numbers in the village of Lion's Head. 

It is important to always display a civic address number and road sign so emergency service providers can find the address quickly in an emergency. Furthermore, it is the landowners' responsibility to ensure that their civic address sign is visible from the road while traveling in either direction. This also applies to properties of which display numbers directly on a building. Please see By-Law 2009-102 for more information.  

PLEASE NOTE: The Municipality issues civic addresses for properties located on Highway 6, Bruce County Road 9, Bruce County Road 29 and West Road. Please see below information under Ministry of Transportation and County of Bruce for Entrance Permit details. 

To apply for a Civic Address Permit, please visit the Forms page under the Public Works heading. 


The Public Works Department is responsible for the inspection and approval of applications to construct new or altered entrances off of Municipal roadways. 

Important reminders:

  • An Entrance Permit is required to construct, pave, alter, or relocate an entrance.
  • An entrance serving a detached or semi-detached dwelling shall have a width of 3 metres (9.8 feet) minimum and 6 metres (19.6 feet) maximum.
  • A driveway serving a residential use shall not be located closer than 1 metre (3.2 feet) to the side property line, except in a joint driveway circumstance.

Applications are available at the Municipal Office, 56 Lindsay Road 5, Lion's Head or by visiting the Forms section located under the Public Works heading. The Application Form also contains pertinent information regarding entrance criteria, as well as the associated fees.


The Ministry of Transportation has jurisdiction over Highway 6 which runs north and south through the Municipality. 

The Ministry provides maintenance, including snow removal, on Highway 6. Furthermore, the Ministry is responsible for entrances to Provincial highways, of which must be constructed to Ministry standards.

For more information on entrances to a Provincial highway or general Ministry inquiries, please visit the Ministry of Transportation's website


Bruce County Roads 9, 29 and West Road fall under the jurisdiction of the County of Bruce. 

The County's Highways Department oversees the following activities on Bruce County Highways: general road maintenance, road and bridge construction, weed control and grass cutting along County roads, cutting trees and clearing brush, cleaning ditches, maintaining catch basins and drains, sweeping intersections, creating and installing signs, encroachment and entrance authorization, oversize load permits, etc. 

For more information on Bruce County Highways, please visit the County of Bruce's website


The Public Works Department maintains 228 streetlights contained within the Municipality. 

The Municipality is very fortunate in that it has some of the darkest skies in southern Ontario! To learn more about the Dark Sky initiative, please visit the Dark Sky component of the Municipality's website or visit the Bruce Peninsula Biosphere Association's webpage

To report a broken or malfunctioning streetlight, please call (519) 793-3522 ext. 221. 





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