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Call:  (519) 793-3522, X233
Fire Chief Wilf Barnes


Or call:  (519) 793-3522, X236
Deputy Clerk/CEMC Cathy Addison

FireSmart your property, for full details, click here.

Fire Inspection form for Motel(s)/Hotel(s), click here.

Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula Emergency Plan, Evacuation Plan, Pandemic Influenza Plan, Forest Fire Emergency Plan, Emergency Preparedness Guide for Disabilities and Warming and Cooling Guidelines

The Fire Chief plans, directs and reports on the proper administration and operation of the Fire Department including organizing and directing fire fighting, emergency responses, fire prevention activities and fire safety education.  The Fire Chief enforces legislation and by-laws respecting fire prevention in the municipality and the Deputy Clerk serves as the Community Emergency Management Coordinator (CEMC).

- fire and emergency
- emergency preparedness
- public education
- fire prevention
- fire permits
- woodstove inspections
- hotel/motel inspections

Northern Bruce Peninsula Fire and Emergency Services operates from two fire stations, Station 10 located at 7 Nicholas Street, Tobermory and Station 20 located at 90 Main Street, Lion's Head.  The full time staff consists of Fire Chief, Wilf Barnes, Deputy Clerk/CEMC, Cathy Addison, who assists with administrative duties.  The Department has 30-36 volunteer fire fighters and respond to emergencies using a fleet of modern apparatus and state of the art fire suppression, extrication equipment and high angle rescue equipment.

Station 10 (Tobermory) Equipment:
1 - 2012 Pumper E/W 800 gallon water tank and 1050 IGPM pump
1 - 2007 Pumper/Tanker E/W 1500 gallon water tank and 840 IGPM pump
1 - 1994 light rescue E/W 200 gallon water tank and 450 IGPM pump

Station 20 (Lion's Head) Equipment:
1 - 2016 Pumper E/W 800 gallon water tank and 1050 IGPM pump
1 - 2007 Pumper/Tanker E/W 1500 gallon water tank and 840 IGPM pump
1 - 1990 Wildland pumper E/W 600 gallon water tank and 840 IGPM pump
1 - 2004 light rescue vehicle

An initial response would result in one pumper, two tankers, one light rescue vehicle to supply a minimum of 3,500-3,800 gallons of water depending on the location.

Tanker Shuttle Accreditation:  As the majority of NBP residents live further than five (5) miles (or 8 kilometres) by road from either fire station, NBP has not attained this accreditation.  Fire Department water tanker shuttle criteria for accreditation for insurance companies gives this discount for buildings that are within five (5) miles (or 8 kilometres) by road from an accredited fire station.  To accurately determine the distance from your home to a fire station, go on line to MapQuest and follow the instructions to determine the distance.

Bruce Power and a coalition of agencies and municipalities with an interest in public safety have launched a new website to provide residents of Grey, Bruce and Huron Counties with the information they need to prepare for emergencies.  The website,, is an education resource for the different types of emergencies that all residents should be prepared for and provides tips on what to do in the event of a fire, flood, tornado, winter storm or nuclear emergency.  The site outlines the types of emergencies that could happen in our specific region and how you can plan to be prepared in case they happen.  It is important for each of us to take time to think about being prepared for emergencies.  Be Prepared Grey Bruce Huron is a great new emergency preparedness website for regional residents.  Visit Be Prepared Grey Bruce Huron today to make sure that you and your family are prepared to face any emergency!

  Become Part of Our Team--You Can Make A Difference In Our Community!
Become A Volunteer Firefighter in The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula

Men and women from a wide variety of careers are volunteer firefighters. These volunteers include self-employed, shift workers, trades people and professionals, just to mention a few.

Volunteer Firefighters are people who care about their communities and want to be actively involved in them! The Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula has had a number of volunteer firefighters enroll as students and continue their education to become full time firefighters in other areas of the province. We are very proud of these individuals!

The benefits of being a Volunteer Firefighter include the following:

  • No experience is necessary when you join;
  • Firefighter training is provided by the department and there is no cost to you;
  • Years of service awards are held to acknowledge your contribution to the department and community;
  • A way of earning financial gain and networking with others.

Interested individuals, who are enthusiastic, physically fit, self-motivated and team players can pick up an application form at the Municipal Office during normal business hours.  

Emergency Management - an emergency or disaster can happen at any time and it can occur anywhere.  From snow storms to power outages, road closures, our Municipality is prepared to manage an emergency.  To reach this goal, it is the objective and responsibility of the Municipality of Northern Bruce Peninsula and the members of the Municipality's Emergency Management Program Committee to develop, implement and maintain an effective emergency management program.  This comprehensive program includes plans to identify and prevent hazards, prepare for, respond to and recover from an emergency.  In the case of evacuation, residents will be alerted by continuous sounding of fire sirens within more populated areas.  Upon hearing the alert, residents are asked to tune their radios to AM 560, FM 106.5, FM 93.5 or FM 90.7.  For more information, call (519) 793-3522, X233 or email at 

Fire Rating Information

Personal Emergency Plan Information

Emergency Management Website Information

Fire Permit Information

Emergency Preparedness Tip

Emergency Preparedness

Fireplace and Woodstove Safety - Fire Prevention Measures Fact Sheet

Locations of AED's in Municipal Facilities

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