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Bin Removal

All rural waste bins and recycling bins at the Recycling Depots will be removed as of Friday, March 31, 2017.  Go to News, then Public Notices for more detail.

Please visit the Official Plan Review

and new Zoning By-law web page (under News). 

Recognition Day

...is just around the corner, go to News, then Hot Off the Press for particulars.

Lifetime Dog Tags now for sale

Go to News, then Public Notices, for full details.

Curbside Waste and Recyling Collection

Click here for full details. 

Just Offered...

3.1 acre building lots on Lindsay Road 40.  Go to News then select Public Notices and scroll down.

Waterfront Lots For Sale

...at Greenough Harbour.  Go to News, then Public Notices for details. 

Planning Services in NBP

Click here to view the updated announcement. 

Planning to book the Lion's Head Rotary Hall?

Go to News, then Public Notices for complete details.

Next Council Meeting

Monday, March 13, 2017 at 1:00 p.m.   

Landfill Schedule

Click here to view schedule.  Please note that all landfill sites are closed on statutory holidays between November 1 and March 31.


Grey Bruce Gutsy Walk 4JUN17

Tobermory Meeting Place Music Concert & Fundraiser 13MAY17

Taste of India 7APR17

Come Hike With Us! 7MAY17

Public Meeting 23MAR17

Public Meeting 21MAR17

Ad Hoc Museum Committee 21MAR17

Waste Diversion Group 15MAR17

Special Council Meeting 13MAR17

Cemetery Committee 11APR17

Economic Development Committee

Waste Diversion Group

Recognition Day



Q.  What is a Commissioner of Oaths?
A.  A Commissioner of Oaths is an individual who is authorized by law to administer oaths and solemn affirmations including affidavits and statutory declarations.  A Commissioner of Oaths will verify the identity of the person (deponent), satisfy him/herself of the genuineness of the signature of the deponent and administer an oath or solemn affirmation.  A Commissioner of Oaths does not certify that the statement being made is true.


Q.  Are complaints confidential?
A.  Yes

Q.  How many dogs can I have at my house?
A.  You may harbour two (2) dogs.  Remember that you must purchase a dog tag(s) annually.

Q.  May I park a trailer on a vacant lot?
A.  No, this is not permitted.  If you are constructing a dwelling, the Municipality may, by way of application and security deposit, permit the location of a trailer for a period of up to one (1) year.


Q.  How can I reach a member of Council?
A.  Mayor Milt McIver - (519) 592-3076 - mayor.nbp@eastlink.ca
     Deputy Mayor Patricia Greig - (519) 793-4961 - deputymayor.nbp@eastlink.ca
     Councillor Tom Boyle - (519) 793-3654 - tom.nbp@eastlink.ca
     Councillor Rob Rouse - (519) 596-2690 - robrouse.nbp@eastlink.ca
     Councillor Griffin Salen - (519) 270-3186 - gsalen.nbp@eastlink.ca


Q.  What schools are available for children?
A.  St. Edmunds Public School, 21 Centennial Drive, Tobermory - Primary Elementary only
     Bruce Peninsula District School, 70 Moore Street, Lion's Head - Elementary and Secondary


Q.  What day care facilities are available?
A.  Bruce Peninsula Family Centre, 5 Alexander Street, Lion's Head
     Tobermory Primary Place, 3 Centennial Drive, Tobermory


Q.  Where can I obtain my vehicle plate renewal?
A.  Wiarton - 010175 Highway 6 (Berford Street South) - (519) 534-3044
      Owen Sound - 1580-20th Street East, Unit 7 - (519) 371-2719

Q.  Where can I obtain Landlord Tenant information?
A.  Direct your inquiries to 1-888-332-3234

Q.  Who is the local MP?
A.  Larry Miller - Constituency Office - (519) 371-1059 (www.larrymiller.ca)

Q.  Who is the local MPP?
A.  Bill Walker - Constituency Office - (519) 371-2421 or 1-800-461-2664 (email:  bill.walkerco@pc.ola.org)

Q.  Moving to the Bruce?
A.  Bluewater District School Board - (519) 363-2014
     Bruce-Grey Catholic District School Board - (519) 364-5820
     Grey Bruce Health Unit - (519) 376-9420 or 1-800-263-3458
     Eastlink (telephone/internet/cable) - (519) 793-3111 or 1-877-765-3202
     Hydro One - 1-888-664-9376

Q.  How do I reach the local health services?
A.  Tobermory Health Services - (519) 596-2452
      Lion's Head Health Services - (519) 793-3445
      Grey Bruce Health Services - Lion's Head Hospital Site - (519) 793-3424


Q.  Where are the landfill sites?
A.  Eastnor - 1252 West Road
      Lindsay - 627 Ira Lake Road
      St. Edmunds - 71 McArthur Road

Q.  Where are the recycling depots?
A.  Public Works Building at Ferndale - 2942 Highway 6
      Public Works Building at Tobermory - 7045 Highway 6
      Lindsay Landfill Site - 627 Ira Lake Road
      St. Edmunds Landfill Site - 71 McArthur Road
      Eastnor Landfill Site - 1252 West Road

Q.  How many garbage bags can I place at the roadside on my weekly collection day?
A.  Two (2) bags at the curb, but, you may take only two (2) garbage bags to the landfill site for free.


Q.  is a permit required to discharge fireworks?
A.  Yes, a permit is required.  Fireworks can only be discharged on certain dates each year.  Please review By-law No. 2014-25 for full details.   

Q.  Can I set off a sky (or flying) lantern in NBP?
A.  Such lanterns are strictly prohibited in this municipality.








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